Sexuality and the Church

You know how it is the longer you live the more you can look back at all the people you have been. I have found that part of life so fascinating.

One of the people I have been is the one brought up in the church with the concept that sex was bad. Sex was meant for making babies, nothing more according to church doctrine. All this time the church has been preaching that sex was wrong and only meant for after marriage and look how much corruption has ensued. We have unprecedented sexual perversion which in my book, would include rapist, child molestors and animal abusers.

One of the abused ones

And, even though I found the most sexual abuse from those professing to be Religious I try my best not to fault them because the message of this article is that sexual repression and conditioning by the church and in turn society is not natural.

One of the other people I became as I got older was finding the discovery that sexual energy is natural and enjoyable as long as you do not take away the freedom and beauty of expression of sexual energy, or try to make it wrong. Of course it has to be consensual, but, when it is and is done out of great respect and reverence for both parties it actually becomes a way to touch higher realms of union and a feeling of the Universe and God.

So much of the child abuse is a direct result of repressed sexual energy. It is only so long that a man can endure this unnatural sexual repression before it breaks free of it's bonds; and, often when it does it does so in unacceptable ways.

This behavior can become particularly damaging if it is done to a child who is very sensitive and feels the energy and guilt of the abuser. Of course the abuser feels guilty and knows what he is doing is wrong but his sexual drive has become out of control.

She has to worry about this sudden unexpected energy being thrust upon her. She may feel she caused it.She may feel ashamed and spend a great deal of her life trying to figure out what is wrong with her and how could she possibly have cause this tragedy. Tragedy indeed.

I hope as the world turns and we form as a society we can realize that sex is natural, sex is part of our beautiful life and is meant to be enjoyed to it's full capacity and that sex is actually...A GIFT FROM GOD!

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