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Energy Medicine...and it's possibilities

I have so many stories abut my work with energy medicine and the Genius Bio-Feedback System. I have been so surprised when I run the program about the things that are coming up and they're efficacy. It’s been pretty remarkable. I want to share some of my experience.

Let’s think first about the fact that everything in the world is basically a vibration and that we can effect that vibration through the use of frequency. We can also effect that vibration by our belief system and attitude about it.

The infamous Tesla said here…..

This is actually the real story. Information that was covered for many decades by the powers that be. Mr. Tesla’s work and how powerful it was was covered up by the powers that be.

These are some of the understandings that were revealed to me while working with the Genius Bio-Feedback system. Through its ability to see an energy disturbance in the field and my own experience. This is a few of the understandings that I have been privileged to learn.

I have been able to discover things like having a few supposed mosquito bites on my back which I could not see get worse and worse and not really understanding why. Of course I could not see them and realized something else was going on. The Genius Bio-feedback was telling me 2 things that were interesting. One was shigella, another was herpes zoster ( which is another name for shingles) which frankly I thought was about herpes which has never shown up in my body and the final one was western equinine encephalitis. As it continued to get worse and didn’t seem to want to go away I had it looked at by a local doctor and was told that it was shingles . Yikes..never had shingles before but did have measles and was told that it can be very painful for months. I was able to overcome it with the use of frequencies in 2 weeks.

Another experience was being in a remote place in Qaxaca Mexico on the coast in Zipolite and using a pool at my hotel and then breaking out in a rash on my arms. I did notice over the next few days that the pool would not look too good for some days before they would put something in the water to clear it up. But, meanwhile discovered through the use of the Genius that I had acquired a swimmers rash and was therefore able to fix it.

Another time I went up to a ranch outside of Puerto Vallarta which had a farm with many animals which was not a problem I realized. But, in my hotel room I had taken a blanket off of a chair and the morning I was leaving found a spider in the bed. I had a couple of what appeared to be mosquito bites and my genius bio-Feedback identified it as a brown recluse spider and therefore I could do what was necessary to heal it. I did mention it to the owner and he said the name of the spider and that it was no problem but I did discover after some research that it is not a good thing to be bitten by a brown recluse spider.

Another time hanging out on the beach in Puerto Vallarta and getting again what appeared to be mosquito bites and frankly, I seem to be a big target for mosquitos and since they carry many things like Dengue fever and many other things I try to keep screens on and protect myself from them. So, once again I thought it was a mosquito bite but, sand flies came up on the genius and once again got clarity as to what was actually going on and was able to treat them appropriately.

And the final one I would like to mention is getting a parasite I had never noticed before in my work-on the Genius and It turns out that the parasite comes around food like chicken that is left out too long and just the same day I had had some chicken at a place that probably cooks it in the morning and leaves it out. It wasn’t one of those places that takes a cooked chicken off the spit and serves it off the spit like in the next block. I do not go to that place any longer.

Just a few experiences.

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