• Weekly capsule load

    Every month
    frequencies tailored for you
    • from whatever program you are on
    • free consult
  • 1 week Capsule Load

    Every week
    try out the frequencies for just a week
    • personalized frequencies
    • free consult
  • 3 Month Capsule Load

    with a free Quanta Capsule
    Valid for 3 months
    • Weekly capsule re-fill for 3 months
    • monthly check-ins with me
    • You can change programs regularly
  • Private Consult

    private session with plans
    Free Plan
    • Let's figure out what is best for you
  • Quanta capsule

    have the frequencies available anytime
    • the capsule sent to your phone or tablet, never expires
    • Capsule will hold the frequencies for 1 week
    • and then will be re-filled